Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age

Here’s the first taste of Paul Weller’s new studio album, Sonik Kicks. The Kinks/Blur shoo-wopping of That Dangerous Age is due for release on March 11 - one week before the LP.

Discussing the song on his site, Weller said: “There was an inference that I was going through a mid-life crises. Which I found really amusing: the clichéd notion of it. And that was the impetus for (the song) even though it isn’t really about that. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, too. I guess it’s also about how society views people of a certain age. For me, does it really matter what age you are? It’s what up there in your soul that matters.”

Sonik Kicks follows 2010’s Wake Up The Nation and will be reviewed in the next issue of MOJO.

He was rather youth-obsessed in the Jam’s heyday as I recall.